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New Orleans Historic Hotels

New Orleans Historic Hotels

  • 1999

The hotels of New Orleanshave welcomed countless visitors in a history stretching back to the eighteenthcentury. From humble boardinghouse beginnings to the grand hotels of thenineteenth century and through to the modern properties that stand today, hotellife in New Orleans has reflected the city’s own story. From political scandaland celebrity intrigue to events that shaped the landscape of the entirecountry, the story of New Orleans’s hotels is an endlessly engaging one. Travelwriter Paul Oswell checks into the great hotels of the past and the present,telling the story of the properties that stood the test of time, as well asthose that didn’t. Using city records, newspaper archives, vintage travelguides and anecdotal stories in the best New Orleans tradition, he brings eachone to life and in the process fleshes out the story of the city’s hospitalityindustry and, by extension, its lively, fascinating history. 176 pgs.

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