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Images of America: New Orleans

Images of America: New Orleans

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Few cities boast a heritage as rich and a local color as dynamic as that of New Orleans. Known the world round for its unique architecture, exquisite cuisine, flamboyant celebrations, and exotic peoples, New Orleans is a place where many cultures met and harmonized to create a city, and a lifestyle, unlike any other in America. Founded in 1718 as a backwater outpost of France, New Orleans was the catalyst for the greatest land deal in the history of the world, the Louisiana Purchase. Discover in these pages what made one city so appealing that a third of the continental United States was purchased in order to obtain it. Images of the old city streets and such well-known districts as the French Quarter reveal the charm and mystery of New Orleans, and are complimented by informative, historical captions. A virtual tour of the city, New Orleans provides readers with a glimpse into the past and preserves the images of landmarks that have vanished. A scrapbook of memories for longtime residents of the city, this unique pictorial history will also be embraced by the millions of visitors who are captivated by the Crescent City.

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